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General SEO Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a method of making a website rank higher in the organic search engine. In other words, it is about making a website more visible than the competition.

How do the search engines rank my website?

Most of the search engines uses equations such as algorithms to find out which websites are appropriate to the search. There are several factors which are taken in to consideration while establishing positions. Based on the content, two main factors are involved. (a) the subject the search engine believes the webpage is all about (b) several qualities of different websites are being directed to your domain.

How long does SEO last ?

SEO is an ongoing campaign which is not a one-off project. If your ranking is in the 5th spot, thats wonderful. But you need to also watch out for your competition as there are other websites above and below who will be willing to squash you down. Depending on the fluctuations, an SEO campaign maintains rankings and monitor responding to the search keyword/phrase.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO ?

PPC stands for Paid Per Click. As the abbreviations says every click is being charged to the website owner. Yes it is an advertising product, which puts your website in the top 3 links. SEO is more of a service where the goal is to influence and drive your website in to organic search listings.

Value and Cost of SEO Campaign

Do I require SEO?

Having a website and not much traffic to the website is a waste of time and cost. SEO will ensure more traffic with the set target audience for the products/services that you are offering for a very competitive price and save time. Enlarging your brand coverage and boosting enquiries and sales.

How much does SEO cost?

It depends on the products/services you’re offering to your audience. What that means is, it varies depending on the industry, competition, area and the workload to get your site on page one.

Is SEO worth the investment?

In order to increase enquiries, sales and brand awareness, SEO is definitely one of the best options to choose from. An adequate SEO campaign will consistently drive to increase the business goals.

Why is it necessary to outsource SEO ?

SEO requires professional technical skills, which there by these professionals must be trained and certified with the digital marketing and the trends of the market. In other words these SEO professionals know how to achieve solid, sustainable results for the clients. Without the expertise guidance and necessary skills it can be dragging and harm the website’s reputation and can be placed in the default list by the major search engines.

For how long should i continue my SEO ?

It depends on the products/services you are offering and wouldn’t be sure till how long. Because if your site exists in the competitive industry or niche market, SEO campaign needs to be ongoing to dominate that niche.

How should i choose who to hire for the SEO?

An agency who has the knowledge, skills, experience and guarantees the results for the services. You need to assess the cost and ROI against the agreed results. Web All The Way is one of the only digital marketing agencies to use the advanced tools and confidently offer customers SEO results for a 90 day guarantee. We will place all the agreed keywords/phrases on 1st page within 90 days or you stop paying until we get you there.

What other services does Web All The Way offer apart from SEO ?

We talked a lot about SEO is because we believe it is active in increasing and sustaining success online for your business. We offer full range of digital marketing services benefiting your business in several ways. Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media, Remarketing, Content Marketing and Websites. All of these services are visually communicating to your business goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for our effective digital marketing services.

What is the most important thing i should keep in mind about Web All The Way ?

We are highly skilled professional and always keep a track of the Market Trends to help our clients gain success. We genuinely know what we do and are proud of our super awesome services.

Technical SEO Question

How Long is the SEO Campaign for ?

The whole program depends on few components
1. If the website has been optimised in the past
2. If the website has been penalised in the past
3. Competition in the industry, keywords/ phrases

In SEO Rankings, do Google Maps play any role ?

In SEO Campaign an optimised Google Maps listing is indeed very important. Maps are a part of the organic search results. In order to get the most traffic possible, organic search and maps both needs to be optimised